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Storage & Consolidation

Amalga's warehouse based just 3 miles from Heathrow Airport is set up to handle anything from Testers, Tasting Stock, GWPs, POS, Shopfitting unitary to large construction fit out materials.

Amalga have developed a Warehouse Management System to meet the vital needs and requirements of our clients.  The system enables clients to see the Materials we are holding for them  at the Amalga Logistics Centre (ALC) , allowing  them to book “ Just in time  “ deliveries to site,  thereby creating awareness and efficiency and enabling controlled flow of materials onto site .

 By controlling materials onto site you create critical space for the Construction team  and reduce safety hazards. 

The Amalga Management system (ConLog) is designed to co-ordinate the entire booking process, ensuring your materials reach site when needed , preventing any delayed critical path deliveries.  ConLog is designed to help clients maximise their time on site at UK Airports.

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